Vibrant Homecare will develop a service plan and schedule based on individual client and family needs. Every person and situation is unique. We are dedicated to providing the high quality, compassionate in home care you deserve.

Medicaid Waiver Programs

Vibrant Homecare will work with Case Managers and other partners to develop goals of care specific to each clients wants and needs, helping them to be home, be well and be happy. We assist all ages on any of the following waivers and services.

Elderly (E)
CDAC, Respite, PERS
Brain Injury (BI)
CDAC, Respite, SCL, PERS
Intellectual Disability (ID)
CDAC, Respite, SCL, PERS
Physical Disability (PD)
Health and Disability (HD)
CDAC, Respite

A Commitment to Communication

Vibrant Homecare values communication with family members, as well as other partnering providers at all times. We offer a Client Care Portal to keep authorized family members up to date on caregiver schedule and care notes, helping them stay informed and have peace of mind.