Supported Community Living (SCL) services are designed to focus on skill building for individuals who need supported or coached through activities of daily living, new goals and experiences or with activities in the community. SCL Direct Support Professionals are coaches and mentors, who aim to teach or improve independence and help our clients live their best lives. This service is available to Medicaid members who are on the Brain Injury or Intellectual Disability waivers.

Goals and Supports

One of the best parts of SCL is that nearly anything can be made into a goal, as long as it’s essential to health and safety. We use individualized service planning to ensure services are member focused and valuable in that person achieving his or her goals. These are a few examples of goals and supports we work on with members. 

In Home

Cleaning, Laundry & Home Organization

Cooking & Meal Preparation

Budgeting and Money Management

Hygiene and Personal Care Routines

Schedule Management and Follow Through

Cognitive Tasks

Home Safety


Grocery Shopping & Essential Errands

Transportation Related to Community Goals

Socialization & Volunteering

Community Integration & Accessing Resources

Community Safety

Health and Wellness

Healthier Eating & Meal Planning


Finding Activities for the Mind & Body

Follow through with Appointments and Doctor Recommendations

Learning & Maintaining Boundaries

What we don’t do. Vibrant SCL cannot do goals related to employment, such as assisting with interviews, job applications, resumes and on-the-job support. If this service is needed, we can refer you to Medicaid companies approved to provide pre-vocational and supported employment, which covers these tasks. We can encourage and support health and wellness related goals, but we are not personal trainers or dietitians. Vibrant SCL is a non-medical or unskilled provider. That means we do not offer any in home nursing, occupational, physical therapies or mental health therapies. We can encourage and support follow through and compliance with these programs, and work alongside other professionals in the care team.